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Well, I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Ann Cramblit and I want to let you know that I am excited to provide information and sources for your business to grow through stock or custom packaging.
Chances are you have heard many times, “Packaging Makes That Most Important First Sale and Your Great Product Make the Future Sales.”

Today’s Marketplace

Today’s Society, Today’s Wholesale Buyer, Today’s End-User-Consumer of Specialty Food and Gourmet Coffee on Today’s Retail Shelves. Are They Buying Your Product?

Fact #1: Your Packaging is Your Only Full Time 24/7 Salesperson Sitting on the Shelf. Unlike human business owners, Your Packaging never sleeps. Further, Good Packaging sells better and Bad Packaging sells less.

Fact #2: You May Very Well have The Very Best Tasting Cookie, Candy, Granola, Pasta, Baking Mix, Pet Treat or Roasted Coffee in the World. I mean the very best tasting product in America, Europe, Canada, South America, and Asia.


Fact #3: Only by accident will anyone know Fact #2 that your product is amazingly good UNLESS Fact #1, Your Packaging is Dressed Up, Attractive and Ready to Sell Fact #2, Your Amazing Product.

There is the Reverse Fact that larger developed companies with capital will design elegant and attractive packaging and amazingly the product is horrible or for a very few and their very selective tastes. Again, this is often well capitalized companies that launch a dud vs. their other successful brands or flavors. They will survive their packaging and product mistakes.

Fact #4: as an example, I was running late one day and stopped to get gas I went in to pay the convenience store attendant and as I was paying I noticed on the counter  a chocolate cookie in a clear ziplock baggie with a text only mailing label that simply said soft chocolate cookie. STARVING,

I bought it and devoured the chocolate cookie as I drove away. On the last bite, I realized this was the best damn chocolate cookie I have ever tasted and it came out of a ziplock sandwich bag.

If I were not running late to the airport I would have return and bought the entire basket of chocolate cookies. That was +/- 18 years ago. Few people in Today’s Society from Wholesale Buyers to Consumers,including myself would NOT buy a cookie in a ziplock sandwich bag with a mailing label. MEANWHILE, as a serious chocoholic then and now starving or not I would not Trust to buy that cookie nor would a wholesale buyer place a cookie in a baggie and mailing label in his stores.

Today, a baggie won’t sell. Society in general has little trust for any product NOT in designed and developed packaging. Well designed, Your Packaging will Sell Your Great Product.

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